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Your gift supports the most courageous women we know at the moment they need it most.


Urgent Action Fund supports women and trans human rights defenders.

WHRDs and THRDs (women's and trans human rights defenders) are leaders in their communities, mobilizing new generations of activists and creating pathways to equality for women and girls everywhere.

The Urgent Action Fund for Women's Human Rights is a global women's fund that protects, strengthens, and sustains women and transgender human rights defenders at critical moments. We intervene quickly when activists are poised to make great gains or face serious threats to their lives and work.

Donate or learn more about our Resist & Reclaim Fund for activists defending human rights in the United States.

We use online, text and mobile funding applications to respond to requests from women's human rights defenders within 72 hours and have funds on the ground within 1-7 days.

We build the resilience of women's rights and LBTQI rights movements across the globe in three ways:

  • Rapid Response Grantmaking: We award rapid response grants to women and transgender human rights defenders in Central Asia, the Middle East, Eastern or Western Europe, The South Caucasus, Canada, Russia, Turkey, and the United States. Activists apply for grants of up to $8,000 USD in any language on any day of the year and are guaranteed a response within 72 hours.

We are known for the responsiveness of our grantmaking and strongly believe flexible grantmaking that supports the creativity and vision of local grassroots activists is the best way to effect systemic change. We do not tell our grantees what they should be doing. We provide them with resources integral to their resilience.

Learn about the impact of our work, hear firsthand from activists, and get updates from the frontlines as we get them via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

[Watch video]: Mobilizing quickly with support from Urgent Action Fund, Krystyna and her colleagues organized upwards of 90,000 people to the streets of Warsaw for #BlackFriday protests in March 2018 opposing damaging abortion laws in Poland.